Let's take a look at the present. Fast fashion with its mass production has taken the soul out of fashion. Brands like “H&N” and “Sara” (You know who we mean) with their disposable products have created a huge overconsumption problem. That “must have” shirt after two washes looks like the dog's favourite toy. We believe the future of fashion is quality and conscious products with a transparent story of how they are made.

We created ASADRA to unite designers from all over the world, who share same values and create a product you will be proud to wear.


what is

It’s actually pretty easy, it's about being aware and mindful about the choices we make. For example, before buying an item, find how it was made, who made it and what footprint it left on the planet, then based on that make your decision.

Designers who care about
Product quality, People & Planet


ASADRA is a curated platform, we carefully select every designer. The focus is to bring high-quality fashion to people, so they can look fabulous and feel good about their choices.


The fashion industry is famous with modern slavery where people are working in shocking conditions. ASADRA chooses designers and brands with transparent stories of how their products are made.


A single fashion item consumes 900 gallons of water and around 1600 chemicals. While fast fashion items are worn on average 5 times. ASADRA provides transparency of how each item is made by giving you sustainable tags under every product.

Where our
products come from

In ASADRA you will find designers and brands from all around the world. We select designers who create something unique and share our values about conscious fashion. ASADRA is a place to discover hidden gems which can normally go unnoticed in the noise of big corporations flashy advertisements.

We do things differently


Are you tired of online shops trying to sell you what they think you should like? In ASADRA you are in charge of your shopping experience.

Online fashion stores have barely changed in the last 20 years, while our shopping experience has completely evolved. Now we shop through inspiration based journeys that is why we give you our personalised style feed.

How does it work?

Simply select a product you like by clicking on
personalisation button and BOOM, your content is
personalised according to the selected style.

> Add and remove more products

> Get inspired by mixing styles

> Discover new amazing designers

> Create well-styled outfit

> Explore and have fun!

The team with the DREAM

The real team behind the ASADRA dream are the designers from all around the world who are creating conscious fashion. We showcase their unique fashion to help people connect with their inspiring work.

Conscious shopping is the future of fashion, and it’s just the beginning, we have many exciting projects in line, and we need to build strong partnerships to make it happen. Join our mission, and together we can change the future fashion.

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